Splendid Frisbee

a joyful game of cooperation and mutual manipulation

you will believe that Toan can fly....

If you made contact with me via craigslist, please be aware that your craigslist email address expires after some period. I'm getting expiration advisories from craigslist when I send out my mailings, which means that you are not getting your weekly invitations. If you decide that you are interested in hanging out with us, make sure that you send me a permanent email address asap.

Please read the RULES before you arrive.

Reservations are required (mail to carolyn AT supersaturated DOT com) and need to be cancelled at least 90 minutes before the start time (cancel by phone if it's the morning of the game).

More pictures at flicker and http://supersaturated.com/frisbeepics

If you're intrigued, write to me: carolyn AT supersaturated DOT com . Tell me a little about yourself and why this game looks good to you.


The Rules

Definitions :

Splendid Frisbee : a non-competitive game in which two or more people run parallel courses while throwing one or more frisbees back and forth. The game has no beginning, and no end. It is over "when we can no longer throw ... or run ... or speak."

You :

Me :

  • Saucony running shoes
  • Long brown curly hair
  • Purple, magenta, red, or black bikini, or fleece if it's cold
  • Red, white, black, royal blue, light blue, lavender, pearl, pumpkin, or tangerine Frisbee (or several or all of these)
  • Silver or black mountain bike


The Rules