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Explanations .

Write to me well before the game if you don't understand any of these rules. If there are any that you simply cannot comply with, you should stay home and drink beer--it will make you feel less stubborn. ;)

New beginners are expected to have read the rules. We will remind you if you forget one of them. By your third game, you should know and automatically comply with all of them. After that, you won't be reminded anymore; we will assume that you are either too oppositional/defiant for this group, or that you are mentally impaired, or both, and you won't get future invitations.

  1. Read the Rules. :)

  2. Make a firm reservation to play at least 12 hours in advance ("RSVP"). "Maybe" doesn't work for this game, sorry.

  3. Cancel at least 90 minutes before the game (by phone, if it's already the morning of the game).

  4. Wear shoes you can RUN in.

  5. Apply sunscreen, if you use it, at home, and wash your hands.

  6. Accept instructions and tips from others.

  7. Warn everyone when you are approaching people who you think might be children. We will show you our hand signal. You can also shout "BABIES!"

  8. NEVER throw toward "babies". If your aim is poor, allow 180 degrees around the baby; better players, at least 45 degrees, low power, allowing that the receiver might miss.

  9. RUN. Walk if you have to, then run again.

  10. Don't run backwards.

  11. When you throw multiple frisbees, use only ONE hand, call out each intended recipient BY NAME and confirm their eye-contact before releasing.

  12. Let us know if you are hurt or exhausted.

  13. Do not throw to someone who has fallen behind. Circle back to get him.

  14. Chase your own bad throws.

  15. Call the receiver's name clearly and loudly, and confirm eye-contact before throwing.

  16. No overhand, baseball-throws ("hammers").

  17. No steep curves.

  18. Do not challenge another player for the frisbee.

  19. Whoever throws the frisbee in the water goes to get it.