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Cowboy, 2001/09/20:19:53

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Two items from yesterday's news make painfully clear what complete idiots terrorists are.

The first is a quote from bin Laden saying, "The Americans ran away in Somalia after 48 hours," implying that they are soft and fearful and willing to give up easily. As opposed to, say, fed up with getting killed by people they have come to help.

The second is a story on the trial of the Air India bombers, due to start next February. These are three people who blew up an Air India flight out of Canada fifteen years ago. It took a long time to catch them. But the Mounties always get their man.

If terrorists are going to base their actions on ethno-racist caricatures of North Americans, they need to choose the right ones.

Killing people is not just an act of war. It is also a crime. North Americans have no sense of humor about crime. Someone should remind bin Laden et al that as soon as the technology became available, North American police departments started systematically re-investigating every unsolved major crime from the last several decades, and we have caught and tried and punished octogenarians who thought they'd gotten away with it thirty or forty years ago.

When bin Laden and his nazis talk about "the American cowboy"--that mythical moron with the attention span of a gnat and the morals of a chimpanzee--they are demonstrating just how profoundly stupid they are, as all racists must be. Not only do we doggedly hunt criminals to the ends of the Earth and time, we have other virtues the terrorists don't seem to have gotten through their ossified skulls either.

Evidence from cell-phone calls suggests that the passengers on Flight 93 voted on whether or not they should attack the terrorists. I don't know if this is true or not, but it hardly matters, because to any civilized person it's so obviously plausible. What would you do in such a situation? You'd ask the people around you, "Should we rush 'em?" and look for assent or dissent. And you'd expect anyone else with the same idea to do the same thing--ask, and take stock of the results.

We don't follow a leader appointed by God. We rule ourselves, by agreement, even in the midst of a crisis brought on by murderous nazis who believe that democracy is a sign that we are weak.

This is the caricature that would-be terrorists need to keep in their tiny little minds: a small group of terrorized, unarmed citizens, voting, then attacking, then killing. Without a cowboy in sight.
I'm writing too much about current events, too little about anything else. I'm as obsessed by the world situation as anyone, and want badly for my voice to be heard, at least a little, amidst the caccaphony or nitwits, anarchists and racists who are vying for public attention. I wonder which category I fall into?
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