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Meeting, 2001/06/12:14:27

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We few, we happy few,
We band of scholars
For she today who shares
her thoughts with me
I call a scholar
And be he n'er so wrong
This day shall enlighten his condition
And philosophers in NewYork now abed
Will think themselves accursed they were not here
And hold their reason cheap whiles any speak
Who met with us to light the future's way
I've been over into the future, and it works.

A more complete meeting report is on the way, but my first response to Enlightenment's First Annual Meeting is to say, "This is the world I've been waiting for." The participants were great, showing the power of blind reviewing for a selection process. The organization was totally awesome. The venues were amazing--where else can you have a session interupted by dolphins? And I came away feeling that we hand engaged the world, and set forth the first elements of an objectivist program of research.

I am the only person who attended both the first IOS seminar and the first Enlightenment meeting. My response to the first IOS seminar was to leave the movement for several years. My response to the First Enlightenment Annual Meeting is to start preparing for the second.
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